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Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines.
(+63906) 4978170

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Her expertise in transformational work is a result of heart and hard work she continually pours into achieving these professional degrees from world-class faculties and educational institutions. The passion she has for this line of work is a continuous journey of constant learning and improving to bring the very best solutions for her clients.

​Suzy is currently a grief counselor at Carewell Community Foundation. She works as a program lecturer with senior business executives in DLSU-SPACE and is also a speaker of choice for Gender Issues in the workplace.
She continues to be a professional consultant for NGOs and foundations, including: RCW and the Consuelo Foundation to name a few. Her expertise on empowering survivors of sexual abuse and incest have made especially invaluable to School of Life, Norphil, CPTCSA & Kuya Center. In 2015, she was named board secretary of the CEFAM alumni association. Suzy has been a top resource for the best-selling women’s magazine Cosmopolitan.