Program Feedback

When I came to Suzy, I wanted to be more enlightened about the career path I really want to pursue... A sense and feeling of being “convinced” that I am on the right track. I wanted to know as well what  was holding me back towards it. I mean, there are some thoughts in my mind which I think may be more appropriate for me to take but am still unsure of.  After working with Suzy, I became more confident in my career choice and I am able to 'connect the dots' of my varied experiences ...therefore creating a new, unique career path that sets me apart in the  academe and corporate sectors in which I  work.  Thank you Suzy Roxas.
--RP, Board Placer Licensure Examinations for Professionals in the Teaching Industry

“Suzy has been a fantastic career coach!  I found her very helpful in sorting through issues, ideas, doubts and all other things that normally come into play as we plan and chart our careers.  She is very objective and knowledgeable at the same time, sensitive and honest without being judgmental. I had a lot of “eureka” moments during our sessions. Through her guidance, I had profound insights that I doubt I would have ever realized on my own.”
--Female Management Executive, Wife and Mother of 2 kids

Finding your Destiny: Career Transitions

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At some point in everyone’s adult life, we’ve fantasized about one day waking up in the morning and actually desiring to get out of bed to start working on a job we actually love. “Finding Your Destiny” aims to guide you towards identifying your “life career” by understanding what it is that makes you truly happy and fulfilled.  We begin by reflecting on your personal values, which serve as the cornerstones of everything you do. Guided reflections of past experiences also aid in identifying the passion and excitement that help drive you. Resume writing and networking guides are both important parts of this program. We conclude with a vision and mission statement uniquely created to drive you and your career forward.