My practice is centered on using a holistic approach to understanding the issues at hand – and this is exactly where my method begins. A holistic approach means we assess the different facets of your uniqueness: your personality, key strengths, talents, inclinations, as well as fears, hesitations and thoughts that get in your way of success. After which, we strategize together to tailor a plan designed to not only tackle the problem at hand, but to allow room for personal growth as well. Each step of the way, we work together and measure your progress to make sure that it is working and you are getting the results you desire.

What was just going through your mind?

For over a decade, Suzy has worked as a seasoned scholar-practitioner in the fields of organizational development, professional transformation, personal consultation and therapy. Her programs are uniquely designed to seamlessly weave theory, actual experience, practice and continuous research – thus creating her edge as a scholarly bent practitioner who drives excellence beyond the academic.

​​​Shine at work.

Thrive in Life.

Ideas and thoughts

have the power

to propel people

towards success

or failure.

My methods and programs

are designed to yield


"I believe in encouraging the individual to continue moving towards progress. To avoid self-punishment and to stop wallowing in personal misery means dedicating your energies and thoughts to actions that can bring positivity in your life. Finding internal motivation means one must look deep within himself to find where your personal happiness and fulfillment truly lie.  Being honest to your true self’s desires and learning how to listen and how to trust yourself actually teaches you how to seize life fruitfully."

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