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Program Feedback

Through my coaching sessions with Suzy Roxas, I became a stronger person, I listened to my voice, no longer trying to silence it. I learned how to be more vocal, owning what I feel, think, and I want out of my life and from all my relationships.  
--Tiffany Uy, Account Executive MMI

I Love Me

Most people who find themselves depressed often feel as if they have lost themselves. They feel like walking through life in a stranger’s pair of shoes: having to fulfill other people’s dreams for them, losing their own voice by parroting others’ opinions, or living out a life they feel is not theirs – it is what others have thought was best for them.

As this happens, emptiness swallows them whole: leaving them without dreams and without a purpose in life. Sometimes the best way to rediscover one’s self is through a journey within, as we rebuild his self-esteem through:

Taking responsibility for experiences: taking responsibility to go for what we want in life

Asserting who we are: giving voice to what we feel, think, and value

Maintaining integrity:  remaining true to what we believe in

Living consciously: becoming aware of our thoughts and actions each day