Program Feedback:

The seminar was very relevant to me. My best learning was that building a relationship is important in the Filipino culture if you are to advance your interests. Another learning is that women have to grow in competence too to add value to their work.
--- Marnelli A. Bautista, Division English Coordinator, Department of Education, San Juan City

The material was very  relevant and useful to me, especially the topic "Leading Outside the Lines".  My best takeaway was the Filipino style of management. I have been working abroad for many years and it was important to be reminded that the Filipino Management Style is relationship-based where consistent diplomacy and collaboration is expected. I had forgotten this.
--- Maritess Gimenez, Project Team Lead, Multinational Company

I have several advanced degrees and have been working for some time. The material was very relevant to me and explains so much of what I see in my work.  After the program, I felt validated by the fact that I am making the right decisions in handling conflict at our school.  Thank you Coach Suzy Roxas.
--- IC Ferrer, Department of Education

The seminar was relevant and to the point especially useful for where I am at my career.  My key learning is that it is critical to build relationships with other people especially with staff reporting to me. It is the best way I can help them achieve their goals and mine at the same time.
--- Juliane Batayo, project officer, Tulay Sa Pag-unland Inc (government establishment)

As I leader, I must first acknowledge what is positive about me —value my skills, experience and inner wisdom. Becoming confident in my abilities emboldens me to reach for higher goals, take more risks. When I trust that i can handle any situation, I engage my work and become a more purposeful and creative leader.

-- Maiden Dejuras, DLSU Laguna

There are many opportunities in a career life, you simply need to raise your hand and take up the challenge. Stepping up to the challenge, thinking out of the box, taking risks invigorates and livens a career. Its really simple: believe in yourself, thank God for your talents, and never be afraid to fail

-- Katrina Santos, Payless shoes

Leadership is a personal growth experience. It is not only skills and acumen, it is the development of spirit, personhood. this course developed me as a leader by helping me acknowledge my  biases and negative self talk which coloured the way i saw and decided on things. When I saw the situation clearly and saw which skills and strengths I could use to steer the course of my career, I became more agentic and creative in my solutions

--Luz Cablar,  Government employee

Gone are the days when women were merely expected to stay at home and play traditional gender roles in society. Today, more women are empowered by occupying senior roles in the Philippine’s corporate scene. The challenge women now face is her ability to believe that leadership is not a gender trait; and that she can lead at the highest levels and still be feminine.

 This re-enlightenment of how femininity is defined poses a challenge to today’s modern woman: she needs to decide who she needs to be in light of the leadership roles they aim for. To achieve these goals often require enhancements in communication, work styles, and leadership styles. The result is a meticulous, and finely honed strategy that is sure to orchestrate her climb to the top.The corporate culture in the Philippines during the 70's to 90's favored the men largely because of the roles that women were expected to play in society. That scene is long gone. Today, the Philippine corporate scene is more open to women leaders: in fact, many occupy senior roles in the corporation

Maria Clara Never Made CEO

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