What Type of Leader are You? 

This assessment is for anyone interested in understanding and 'seeing' their unconscious behaviors that affect how co-workers perceive them. The insights lead to some coaching points that you can use to project a more confident, strong, and able leader.  Download the Questionnaire here.  Answer as you would do and not 'should' do.  Send the answer sheet to me at roxassuzy@gmail.com or ask@talktosuzyroxas.com and I will revert with some tips for you


Temperament Sorter

For my clients and those who would benefit from gaining a fuller understanding and insight into and about your personality traits and those elusive influences that steer many life choices; that they may further enrich  life, increase more of what works and decrease what does not; deepen rapport and connection with loved ones and friends; maintain good health,high spirits & reduce stress; make a way in the world and enhance creative and business endeavors & service to others. Download the Questionnaire here. Download the answer sheet here. Please submit the answer sheet to ask@talktosuzyroxas.com

My strategies and framework

have been proven effective

several times over,

across various cultures.

The methods I apply have been tried and tested worldwide, across varying institutions, cultures and situations. Cognitive Therapy is one of the methods I often use in my practice. It includes a special focus on the individual’s backgrounds: including childhood and personal history.

​The process of achieving such big goals – such as gunning for the executive positions at work, or shifting careers to chase your passion - may appear to be daunting at first. However, no mountain is insurmountable to a determined climber: especially one who is armed with a clear vision of his goal, mastery of his game plan, a rich arsenal of tools and a thorough understanding of all his skills, talents and of course his own weaknesses. With my assistance, clients become just like these climbers – unsure and fearful at first. Taking the first step of learning the terrain is just like introspection. It means that self-examination and getting to know one’s self creates a deep understanding of personhood – and this “un-complicates” issues and gives you a better picture of what seems to hold you back from achieving your goal.

​Another step is for us to cooperatively strategize with an approach that will encourage your use of your own strengths to overcome challenges. In my experience, we often find the tools and the answers we seek within our very selves. Our goal is to further advance your quality of life through the use of reliable psychological framework. We address the problem with a strategic game plan that comes with quantifiable measures of progress – meaning we periodically evaluate your progress so you can keep track of the changes that are on going through the process. My strategies and framework have been proven effective several times over and across various cultures: they have helped clients overcome “insurmountable” mountains.

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