​Program Feedback

​​I recognize that I have become a better manager today due to this program.  I have been able to reap the results of the investments I have done over the past months.  My team comments on my style and now feel that they have a manager  whom they can depend on to lead and guide them.  I am conscious now of my position and who I am as a manager
--Roie Ramos, Manager, JP Morgan

To lead is to build trusting relationships by active listening and non-judgement 
--Rostilen Callo, Graphic Artist, Media Magnet

Leadership is not a gender, age, or position. Leadership is a behavior
--Francis Del Rosario, Vice President, Citibank

Knowing what drives or motivates people is important in motivating people. I also learned about how people work together in groups and how they affect one another. The material was well presented, with timely and relevant insights. It was interesting. 
--Trisha Uy, CEO, Media Magnet

Clear communication and feedback is key to building a successful relationship. Active listening and building commitment are key leadership skills
--Timothy Uy, COO Media Magnet

Powerful Teams

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The true test of a team’s strength is in their ability to overcome stressful and problematic situations together. This program is designed to walk you through understanding team dynamics, your qualities as a leader, and learning how to work through mindsets that could hamper teams from moving forward. Within the 6-12 month duration of this program, you will be coached through a specific work project of your choice.