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Every culture has their its version of a talisman; an “agimat”, “anting-anting”, or even a serum or potion that wards of all forms of evil as it protects its wearer from harm. Despite its varying forms, the one thing that remains constant is its ability to protect and possess a power that is kept within; never to be forgotten or taken away.

These objects undoubtedly provide its owner the feeling of security and a sense of power. The object itself has no power of it’s own, but its true potency lies in what its owner prescribes it to be. Just like these talismans and “agimat”, our inner strength is something that has always been there all along: we simply need to remember that they are there.

Through working with people who’ve had hardships in life: the street children, unwed mothers, women survivors of abuse; one thing remains true about all of them. They not only survive, but also thrive and further become victorious as they rediscover the mettle and resiliency within themselves. Once they see their inner strength and give then names, like - compassion, wisdom, perseverance, gentleness, gift of communication, gift to compete, gift of adaptability, gift of positivity – then they learn to fly.
The program infuses the inner giant within with a remembrance of how great, powerful, and indestructible the human spirit is. Program goals are the following:

  1. Helping each person identify his personal strengths
  2. Inspire ideas for action to improve that personal strengthAwaken the sensitivity to identify that strength in the other person
  3. Awaken the sensitivity to identify that strength in the other person

Program Feedback

Because of your support in 2014, we've been able to provide education and employment for over 50 young adults, who otherwise would never have been able to graduate from high school and college.

Please allow me to share with you this short video that details the milestones that you were very much a part of. On behalf of all of us, thank you!  You are our hero!

--Krie Reyes Lopez, President & Founder of Messy Bessy Cleaners

Resiliency Program