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Because I had a debilitating accident and lost use of my legs, I thought my future was gone. I no longer could do the work I had done over many years. I felt everyone was pitying me, avoiding me, fearing for my future. But, coaching changed all that. I recognised how I was limiting my own potentials by my self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. 
My best insight: My future is my abilities, and not my disability.  Thank you Suzy Roxas

DenDen Tayag, Entrepreneur

"I had rough year way back when, Suzy was there not to help but to enable me to realize things that are difficult to apprehend, and the end of what i've called conversation (counseling), I understood the meaning of my trials and challenges. She was a great enabler"
 Trisha Marie Bautista, Social Worker, Makati City

 Greetings Suzy Roxas! My gratitude for journeying with me when I was in darkness and confusion. With your gift in coaching, I discovered my strengths or attractions and distractions. I also realized that distractions, when faced and dealt responsibly, can turn into strengths. Reminding me to always go back to my center "I am completely loved" helps me regain the person God has created me! Through your coaching, I have gained my wholeness which in turn improved all my relationships. Thank you very much for your guidance and inspirations! May God bless you as you continue touching and transforming people's lives!
--Gerard Legaspi, Overseas Filipino Worker, Canada

 I met  Ms. Suzy Roxas, my coach , at one of the lowest moments in my life. I was hesitant at first to meet her because I know she was working with abused women. She invited me to her place and we talked. I thought she was an interior designer because I am so impressed when I saw her place. My mom just died then and I had literally no one to talk to and to turn to. I was heavily burdened with all my family concerns and obligations.
 Little did I know that after talking to her, she will be able to encourage me to live my life again. She gave me courage, letting me know that she understands what I was going through that  difficult time. After talking to her, I felt so light, happy and full of hope. It seemed like she saw beyond what is unseen in each one of us. She has like an x-ray vision that penetrated to me that led me to open up to her. Her presence and wisdom comforted and consoled me. It's a miracle. I felt like there is someone walking with me,holding my hand to help me carry my load that I thought was so heavy. There was an inner cure that I felt after talking to her.
I am so grateful to her. She is just not my coach but I consider her as my guardian angel here on earth, helping me mend my broken wings to fly, to fly high again.
 ----- Ana Ramos, Businesswoman

 Not every bad thing that has happened to me in life is my fault. I may have been a victim but from there I can become a victor by MAKING CHOICES IN MY LIFE THAT WORK FOR ME. BECAUSE I DECIDE HOW MY LIFE WILL GO. It is my divine right to be loved, respected, and dignified.
 ------“Maria” survivor of sex abuse, USA

 When I trust and accept myself, I become more powerful, I go for what i want and what i deserve.  I become the owner of my life and the steward that gives it direction.  I no longer make unconscious decisions and past wounds no longer dictate how I am going to choose to live. I gain my strength to move forward and create a new life from God and his ministers on earth.  His ministers on earth become models of how I would like to be.  Thank you Suzy Roxas for opening a new chapter in my life
---- Jihan Cardenas, IT professional

 If I am to be happy with my life, I must know what are my personal values and then live my life in respect to these values...whether the situation is stressful, or peaceful, whether  I am angry at someone or I am in a loving relationship. As I continue to heal from the abuse I experienced, I consciously choose the best way to act in the situation ----a way that is true to what I feel and at the same time consistent to my values.  Thank you Suzy Roxas for guiding towards respecting and loving myself more
--Joy, survivor of Incest

 I am the only one who can change my life.  I do so because only when I change my life do I get to accept and feel al the gifts that God has blessed me with.  When I look at my life today, I realized that the blessings were there all along. Its only a question of accessing the blessings.  I got a hold of my blessings through prayer, pushing myself with persistence, owning my life and not depending on anyone.  I am the creator of my own destiny and I create this destiny by being aware of the choices I make. Thank you Suzy Roxas for journeying with me.
---Kenny Jane, survivor or Yolanda

“Ang katututunan ko rito ay paano mag-process ng mga feelings and rumespetko sa kapwa;makisama sa lahat, and never never give up on any trial. Masnahasa ako at mas-kumbensido akong tapusin ang aking pag-aaral” 
----Jonathan, Working Student

 “Marami akong natutunan dito sapagkat nakita ko ang sarili ko sa mga sessions. Malaking pasasalamat ko dahil alam ko nayon na hindi huli ang lahat para magbago sa tulong ng mga taong gumagabay sa akin.” 
----'Alma' working student

 “ I learned the value of myself through the sessions. Everyone is equal, there is no point in putting myself down. In the eyes of God the creator of all, everyone is equal and as valuable…pantay pantay lang tayong lahat. Thank you Suzy Roxas
----Mario, Working Student

 The conversations I had with Suzy Roxas helped me build my vision for the future…the value of resilience in my life.  I learned this by listening to the stories of the other learners in the circle.  If they can do it, so can I"
----Mario, Working Student

 “I learned the value of being independent because I must be able to handle my own life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Suzy Roxas"
---Ramon, Working Student

I learned how to share myself and to give voice and honor my feelings.  I also learned to honor and respect the challenges that other people are going through.  I learned to be with others, and enjoy their uniqueness.  Most important, I have learned to see myself in each one of them and so I have learned to be compassionate to others. Thank you Suzy Roxas, Today I love myself and others more profoundly.
---Joseph, young father of 2

Thank you Suzy Roxas. I have learned to appreciate and dwell in the uniqueness of very human being.  I also learned of my uniqueness and I relish this. I like and appreciate myself more. As people appreciate me, so do I appreciate myself more.
----Girlie, University Scholar, working student

 Working with Suzy Roxas has given me a new lease in life. I learned how to manage my fears, how to step out from my comfort zone and deal with reality. I learned how to forgive people, but most importantly, I learned how to accept my mistakes and forgive myself in the process
----Paloma, mom, business executive, and wife

 In my sessions with Suzy Roxas, I learned how to appreciate the importance  of life…how lucky I am to have friends, family, and people who care for me.  I also learned the value of every human being, and see them for their worth as children of God”
-----Jessica 17 years old , a survivor of sex abuse

The past is done there is no need to go back. Other people can help me move forward and they are good people. As I journey through and I see the positives and dwell on the positives that have shaped my life,  I shall place my focus on the help and kindness I have received and my progress through the years. This will place me in a proper frame of mind to face those who used fear and hate to cage me.
----Janet 18 years old, survivor of Sex Abuse, Incest case

 Ang problema natin ay parang mga bato kaso iba-iba ang lake. Minsan ang akala natin tayo na ang may pinakamabigat na problema kaya kulang na lang ay mag-pakamatay tayo. Pero, ang hindi natin alam ay maraming tao ang mas-mabigat ang problema. Ang sabi nga sa kuwento eh kahit anong problema ang dumating sa buhay natin, we must learn to face it and learn to trust God. Maraming maraming salamat, Suzy Roxas sa di pagsasawang paglalakbay sa tabi ko.
----Roselyn Padao, self-sustaining working student

 Ang problema ay hindi tinatambayan, dinadaanan lang siya. Mayroon akong kakayahan na gumawa ng solusyon sa lahat ng problema.  Dati, akala ko, iba ang dapat gumawa ng solyusion, na kawawa ako at kasalanan ng lahat dahil sa nangyari sa akin.  Pero, sa tulong ni Suzy Roxas, nakita ko ang kakayahan kong gumawa ng solusyon ko sa mga problema sa buhay.  Thank You Suzy Roxas
---- Mary Art, working student

 My best learning in my sessions with Suzy Roxas is to be more open with my family or with people who are willing to help me.  I realize that there is always someone who is there to help me. i don't need to do it alone.  Kung ano man ang problema ko, nakatulong yung mga sessions sa mga panahon na nasa darkside ako ng buhay ko. Pinaintindi sa akin ni Suzy Roxas na ang lahat nang nararanasan ko na problema is ako lang ang makakasolve at wala ng iba. Pagnatanggap ng kamalian at sa tulong ng mga taong gustong tumulong sa akin mas naiintidihan ko ang sarili ko, at na realize ko na meron pala akong dapat tapusin may dapat pang gawin.
---- Marwin Luarez, Self-sustaining working student

 Every time I end a session with Suzy Roxas, I feel like I have just had a fabulous makeover--a makeover from within. There is a feeling of empowerment, personal strength, and a quiet self-confidence.
Her method of comfortably unearthing answers and insights ---that have always been inside me to questions that slow down my personal and professional growth ---help me see the situations on a 3rd person's point of view and as a result understand myself and more importantly understand the people around me. and because of this, I find myself more compassionate with others especially to people who matter most --family and friends.
I have learned that the most difficult person to ask forgiveness from and to forgive is yourself. Becoming more understanding of others has taught me  to be come compassionate to myself.  And that's the best makeover.
--- Ryan Pronstroller, Advertising Agency Owner

 Every conversation I had with Suzy Roxas brings realization and understanding about myself and how I can change to move forward. Thank you for making me see things in a different light and for believing in me. May you continue to elevate more lives. More power to you.
---- TC. AVP Operations

 To the person who has guided me to who i am now. 
Who believed in me all these years. 
Who made me believe in myself again. 
As you believed in me, so do I believe in your gift. 
May you touch more lives, empower those who are hopeless, and strengthen the spirit of others. 
Thank you.
---- Mea Mendoza, MD Sacramento USA

 It is important to look into your past and discover how they have molded you into the person you have become in order for you to understand who you are, who you are now, and who you want to be ---my realizations during or after life sessions with Suzy Roxas
---- Bart Bartolini, Food Business Franchisee, Senior Data Analyst

 After all this time, the one person I was seeking approval from is...myself.
But that has come to an end. >:)< (self hug) :))) Thank you, Suzy Roxas, for continuing to enlighten me about myself.  Looking forward to our next conversation!! 
---- Bea Paterno, Licensed Psychometrician

 Hey Suzy Roxas, thank you for being my life coach. You got me to start showing up in life again and letting the magic unfold. Great job! 
All the best this coming new year.
--- -Eli Wong, Business Proprietor

I was feeling lost at that time in my life. I knew what I wanted but I felt like I didn't know myself well. I was in that discovery of finding that inner peace.  I realized that the challenge was that I didn't love myself enough, so i couldn't choose the right path for me.  I was standing in my own way. Life Coach Suzy Roxas journeyed with me towards loving myself by first accepting the faults that I have and loving my talents in order to increase my assets. I always thought that I had to always be my greatest enemy. But, after working with Suzy, I realized that I was my own best advocate if I decide to love myself more. Thank you Life Coach Suzy for helping me realize that in order to live life, one must love the self in order to have a happy life
--- Angelo Paterno, Development Studies

 Thank you Suzy for being my life coach! Because of you, I'm excited to face 2014. I look forward to continue my journey with you. 
--- Gracey Reyes, Human Resources Practitioner

 Ms. Roxas has been a consulting counselor for our girls in the ACAY School of Life for the past two years. She provides extremely valuable insights to enable the advancement of the Case Management of the School of Life girls   
--- Sister Rachel Miriam, Formator, School of Life

 Thanks to my life coach or else I would have been in the gutter. http://instagram.com/p/hrpqgcSzxw/
--- Crischelle Magaspi, Medical Doctor, New York

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