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Reviews: Professional Development

When negotiating, do a mind shift and see yourself as equal to whomever you are negotiating with. By seeing yourself as equal, you negotiate from a position of strength

-----Johnson Pascua, BPO Redpoint

Dear Suzy,
Because of your support in 2014, we've been able to provide education and employment for over 50 young adults, who otherwise would never have been able to graduate from high school and college.
Please allow me to share with you this short video that details the milestones that you were very much a part of. On behalf of all of us, thank you!  You are our hero!
--Krie Reyes Lopez, President & Founder of Messy Bessy Cleaners

 What do I get by remaining in the same rut ? I get to stay in my comfort zone, I can just coast,  I do not have to challenge myself, I will always be secure. But, what does being in the same rut cost me? It costs me the potential for my life and the achievement of my life's goal. I will engage life by remembering that it is all a game. There are rules, there is competition, there are challenges, and often times, things do not work out. I just need to focus on my goal, use my weaknesses and strengths to get where I want to go.  Thank you Suzy Roxas for giving me this perspective in life.
---Raffy Perez

It does not work to keep negative feedback back.  People do not learn and projects do not move forward. The key to keeping great working relationships is to foster diplomacy ---the skill of providing feedback with  sensitivity & respect  for the other person's work and person.

----Sarah Marcellana, BPO Redpoint

The best way to move forward in one's career is to learn how to be a teamplayer. Being a team player is akin to being a leader in the group because it means learning how to motivate and coach fellow team members. I learned that I should maximize the relationships I have a long successful career

----Raymond Luis, BPO Redpoint

 It is the fear of judgment and failure that makes me stop from taking chances and flying. I am not lazy or not able to think of what to do.  I simply got used to waiting for people to tell me what to do.  I can change that now by pushing through my fears, not giving in when I am scared. Thank you Suzy Roxas for journeying with me to my new career
--Julie Anne Soriaga, Visual Merchandizer turned Chef & Baker

 My best insight from Suzy Roxas is to never remain the same.  Being stagnant is equal to being dead in the battle field of corporate life. The way to achieve in our career is never to settle for 'good enough.' I will continue to believe, challenge, and do things to improve my work.
---Margie Millen, accountant, Bayer BPO

To succeed, we must know the rules of the game. We must understand the parameters that we work with and then push them to their limits to create breakthroughs. When we think outside the box at work, we still work within the givens but  find a creative and unique way to be proactive and think around problems.
---Paolo Gabriel, Bayer BPO

 We are the master of our destiny. Whatever the circumstance, we always have a choice. I am the best driver of my life and career.  No one else.  Thank you for that insight, Suzy Roxas
---Jeffrey Adep. Bayer BPO

 Influence, NEVER EVER BEG
Never beg for support.  Provide reason why they should world with you instead. Be able to synthesize why working with you will be beneficial for them
---Vernon, processing Lead, Bayer BPO

 " The best way to lead the group  is to work as a team, involved everyone from what I heard is to involve everyone in your team. The "we" leadership will succeed better than the "I" leadership.  Collective leadership is the more enlightened way to move one's career to the top. Thank you Suzy Roxas for that insight.
----Abigail Opiana, Accountant, Bayer  BPO

 I recognize that I have become a better manager today through the Creating Powerful Teams program, customized specifically for my needs by Suzy Roxas.  I have been able to reap the results of the investments I made over the past months.  My team comments on my style and now feel that they have a manager  whom they can depend on to lead and guide them.  I am conscious now of my position and who I am as a manager.  Thank you Suzy Roxas
-----Roie Ramos, Manager, JP Morgan

 “ What do you do when you fall down? You get up.  And if you fall down again? You get up again.”
 I am Sandra Colis, when I was 9 years old, I had a fainting spell and I awoke with a high fever.  My condition was diagnosed as Tetraparesis and it left me paralyzed.  I could move only move my eyes and talk.  
I did not allow that challenge to dampen my spirits. I had a talent, I knew I could paint.  I wanted to gift the world with that talent.
And so, I learned to use my mouth to do things people would normally do with their hands.  And, my most precious gift is that I learned to paint with my mouth.  The pictures I paint are of my favorite subjects: scenery, animals, flowers, things that make me grateful to be alive. The beauty of the earth touches my very being and I am moved to express my gratitude for the gift of life. I cannot but help put on canvass the ethereal beauty I see in my soul.  I cannot help but give voice to my talent through painting.
You may feel that life  dealt me a raw hand. But I don’t agree.  Without the experience of paralysis, I would not have been able to discover and develop my unique talent.  I now paint with my mouth.  Life for me is always a gift.  I am have always been and will always be blessed. I have so much to give.  
----Sandra Coulis, Painter with disability

 Through my coaching sessions with Suzy Roxas, I became a stronger person, I listened to my voice, no longer trying to silence it. I learned how to be more vocal, owning what I feel, think, and I want out of my life and from all my relationships.  
--Tiffany Uy, Account Executive MMI

 It is important to shine in one's job.  Go for the limelight, own your work, you deserve it.

An insight gained from a group coaching session.
Anubrata Mallick, SPE, BBSPI

 The Talk " Taking Your Career to the Peak" was very relevant and well presented.  The Filipino culture can be be used to an advantage in the corporate setting.  I Also, gained insight that having the skills + setting a vision + engaging a plan  are necessary to move one's career forward.
Lorben Chan, Operations Head Bayer BPO

 Overall, I really loved  the group coaching session "Taking your carer to the Peak". I was like listening to a TEDx presentation and I really want to learn a lot more from your expertise.
I would have enjoyed it more if the session was more than 1.5 hours. I was able to hook in each of your points. And I was able to relate to your experience, to partly realize of who I am in this business world and to be inspired to strive more and to improve for the better.
I am looking forward to another session with you.
Thank you very much!
Best regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ Bumabati
Philippe P. Blanco, Bayer BPO

 "I sat on the chair across Suzy to seek coaching for my career. With her mentoring, I had gained improved perspective that had allowed me to find more career possibilities and opportunities. My coaching sessions with her had gone beyond the chair as the insights I learned and the challenges I faced impacted me greatly both in the personal and professional aspects of my life. It was a great decision working with her!"
--Xeno Hemlock, Writer / Software Developer

 When I came to Suzy, I wanted to be more enlightened about the career path I really want to pursue... A sense and feeling of being “convinced” that I am on the right track. I wanted to know as well what  was holding me back towards it. I mean, there are some thoughts in my mind which I think may be more appropriate for me to take but am still unsure of.  After working with Suzy, I became more confident in my career choice and I am able to 'connect the dots' of my varied experiences ...therefore creating a new, unique career path that sets me apart in the  academe and corporate sectors in which I  work.  Thank you Suzy Roxas.
--RP, Board Placer Licensure Examinations for Professionals in the Teaching Industry

 Thank you, Suzy Roxas, for being my career coach. The past 8 sessions helped me realize that truly, I knew what I wanted all along: to be a family psychologist. Now more than ever, I'm excited for what the future awaits as I know what to do. I'm forever grateful for everything. 

---Bea Paterno, Aspiring Psychologist

 “Suzy Roxas has been a fantastic career coach!  I found her very helpful in sorting through issues, ideas, doubts and all other things that normally come into play as we plan and chart our careers.  She is very objective and knowledgeable at the same time, sensitive and honest without being judgmental. I had a lot of “eureka” moments during our sessions. Through her guidance, I had profound insights that I doubt I would have ever realized on my own.”
--Female Management Executive, Wife and Mother of 2 kids

 Greetings, Suzy Roxas! First things first, I would like to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. Your program is very enlightening, inspiring and most importantly, eye-opening. I realized that I deserve to be happy regardless of my past. I hope you enrich more lives as you continue to share and impart your passion and calling. God Bless you always!
-- Chrys Dunca, BPO Workforce Leader

 Thank you Suzy Roxas for coaching me through my career crisis.  I realize now that I am not a victim.  I am the master of my life.  I am in full control of my work, my family, myself.  I need only to be honest with the support that I need and learn how to harness this support from others, learn how to challenge my self-defeating thoughts. With these positive life-giving ways, I will get control of my life.
--V. R. Technical Head

the law of supply and demand--you must be clear on your agenda and equally important, the agenda of the other people because it becomes easier to get support from them that way. Coverage on equilibrium 
--Jared Desello, Analyst ROHQ Citibank

Leadership is a behavior. It is not an issue of gender, age, race, or position. 
--Francis Del Rosario, Vice President ROHQ Citibank

Humility is to recognize that you are equal to foreign counterparts.  Once that mindset is in place, a good negotion is possible. 
--Christine Santico, Manager, ROHQ, Citibank

I am now aware of gender-bias. I now act correctly and powerfully in my workplace
--Raul Amegenio, IT Analytics, ROHQ Citibank

Believe in yourself and your potential to lead. Gravitas!
--Beatriz Pacheco, Supply Chain Analyst, ROHQ Citibank

We are restricted by norms and culture because our culture dictates. However, we can also leverage our culture and transcend.
--Kaye Ann Chan, Analyst, ROHQ Citibank

The Philippine culture can work for or against you.
--Stephenson Sy, Procurement Analyst, ROHQ Citibank