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Rhythm of Life

​As we go through the seasons of our life, we come across divergent paths that seemingly lead us to roads that are unknown to us. Which one do we take? How do we know which one will lead us to the life we’ve always dreamed of? We then ponder which avenue to take; looking at the pros and cons of the differing choices, trying to make approximations of our decision’s outcome. We often forget to consult our internal drivers that unconsciously seek out our highest good.  We mustn’t forget to look at our life’s story so we mine the gems that give the clues to where we are supposed to be and how we can get there.

The program evaluates closely the stories of our lives –the peaks and valleys, the desires of our heart as well as our unresolved past.  Bringing together all these elements allows the seeker to embrace his story, and allows him a clear perspective of how to proceed writing his own tale of life: fully aware of his weaknesses, strengths, aspirations and purpose.

1.     My life’s story today
2.     Making sense of the past
3.     Accepting my strengths and limitations
4.     Forging a new path for myself
5.     Living fully alive

Program Feedback

Greetings Suzy Roxas! My gratitude for journeying with me when I was in darkness and confusion. With your gift in coaching, I discovered my strengths or attractions and distractions. I also realized that distractions, when faced and dealt responsibly, can turn into strengths. Reminding me to always go back to my center "I am completely loved" helps me regain the person God has created me! Through your coaching, I have gained my wholeness which in turn improved all my relationships. Thank you very much for your guidance and inspirations! May God bless you as you continue touching and transforming people's lives!
--Gerard Legaspi, Overseas Filipino Worker, Canada