​​Program Reviews:

" From the program, I learned that  the best way to lead the group is to involve everyone in your team. The "we" leadership will succeed better than the "I" leadership"
---Abigail Opiana, Accounts Receivable Process Expert

"The perspective of thinking outside the box, shows that being proactive is also a factor to get to success. Know the rules of the game.  Understand the parameters you have to work with and then push the limits to create project breakthroughs"
---Paolo Gabriel, Accountant

"Helping someone does not really help them all the time. Sometimes, you have to let them learn on their own. Stop spoon-feeding colleagues'
---Niko Joseph, Process Expert

"Everything is perspective.  Everything can be used for good or evil.  Its all up to you habits.  It is not the habit that is bad. It is the way on how you apply the habit because you can use it as an advantage." 
---Joj Tagnong, Process Expert, Accounts Payable

Taking Your Career to the Top

We’ve often been told about the value of “hard work”, thus any people fail to see the difference between “working hard” and “working smart”.  Working smart does not entail any deceitful or underhanded practice. It merely avoids the waste of talent and expertise by learning to use the system to your advantage. It means finding a way to stand out and shine to get oneself that well-deserved look from top management.

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  3. Creating your career path

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