​When we fail in things, the easiest thing to do is to blame everything there is around us: the people, the situation, the time of day, and even the government. We get trapped in our own stories, in a world where we are comfortable in our own version of what’s “true”: there is no need for change, no need to challenge ourselves, and no need to ask ourselves the painful questions.

Living in our own version of the truth costs us the high price of personal growth. We hinder the development of our skills, miss out on opportunities for success, our talents lay stagnant, and we fail to further nurture the relationships in our lives.

Harnessing from the Power Within requires owning up to each of our life stories. We revisit our past, reflect on our thoughts, consider our needs, and evaluate our beliefs – from which our behaviors emanate from. Understanding our reason and our motivation allows us to redirect our lives and to recommit in choosing our own path.

Our lives are never written in stone.  Our paths never rigid.  Our destiny and birthright is a wonderful, magical life.  Our greatest gift is that we have been given the freedom, talents, and skills to author the life that we desire.

1.     Owning your life’s story
2.     Finding our secret drivers and learning how to harness their power
3.     Befriending all of ourselves and finding our gifts 
4.     Integrating all your life experiences, and mining all positive strengths and attributes from both challenging and positive experiences
5.     Ensuring continuous change by learning to dialogue with ourselves in a more positive way​

Reviews for the Program

Every time I end a session with Suzy, I feel like I have just had a fabulous makeover--a makeover from within. There is a feeling of empowerment, personal strength, and a quiet self-confidence.
Her method of comfortably unearthing answers and insights ---that have always been inside me to questions that slow down my personal and professional growth ---help me see the situations on a 3rd person's point of view and as a result understand myself and more importantly understand the people around me. and because of this, I find myself more compassionate with others especially to people who matter most --family and friends.
I have learned that the most difficult person to ask forgiveness from and to forgive is yourself. Becoming more understanding of others has taught me  to be come compassionate to myself.  And that's the best makeover.

Ryan Pronstroller, Advertising Agency Owner

The Power is Within Me

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